Appliances plugged into a socket

5 Signs You Need to Call an Electrician

Contact with electric current was responsible for 3% of all fatalities in the United States in 2019. We’re often surrounded by electrical hazards without even realizing it. A faulty socket or a burning smell from an unidentifiable source can prove to be more life-threatening than you think. Such occurrences are quite common and often ignored, which …

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led lights

LED Lights: What’s the Big Deal?

In the United States, the highest electricity consumption comes from residential areas, followed by commercial locations. On average, an American resident consumes up to 34 times more electricity than the average Indian resident. With rising electricity prices nationwide due to rapidly depleting fossil fuels, being energy-efficient has become a way of life. LED Lights and What They …

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Electrician fixing the fuse

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Electrician

In the United States, electrocution is sixth among the causes for most workplace deaths. Regular checkups and maintenance of the wiring and electrical appliances in the workplace by electricians can help us prevent unforeseen disasters. These precautions need to be taken for the safety of everyone in the workplace. When looking for an electrician to examine …

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‘4’ Warning Signs of an Overloaded Electrical Circuit

As electricity passes through a wire, it produces heat. Overloading electrical circuits produces enough heat to melt the plastic insulation on the wires; in many cases, damaged wires lead to house fires and even electrocution. According to the National Fire Protection Association, overloaded circuit induced house fires account for 14% of all fire related deaths in the United States. 

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