Outdoor Lighting Tips for Commercial Properties

Outdoor lighting keeps your commercial properties protected and gives them a more illuminated outlook.

A commercial property’s outdoor lighting is the first thing the customers see when they visit. It gives them an idea about the indoor environment of the property.

It not only improves safety but also adds to your property’s curb appeal—thus enhancing its overall value.While working on your commercial space’s outdoor lighting, your thinking should go beyond basic. It should reflect the care and attention the business serves its customers with.

Here are a few tips from an expert commercial electrician in Reno that can help you get started.

1. Know the Different Types of Lighting

Outdoor lighting at commercial properties can be installed in various ways like wall packs, floodlights, canopy lighting, linear lighting, and pole-mounted lighting.  

  • Wall packs can be installed directly into the wall without the use of a pole
  • Floodlights are used to project their light on a specific object
  • Canopy lighting can be installed under outdoor canopies as they are resistant to rain and vibrations
  • Linear lighting is a suitable option for parking areas as they are narrow and elongated
  • Pole mounted lighting is installed on polls in outdoor spaces like parking lots, streets, loading docks, etc.

2. Don’t overdo it

Avoid placing too many lights in one area. Place them evenly around your outdoor space, so the lighting looks balanced.

Too much lighting in the wrong place can cause the onlookers to feel uncomfortable. Instead, use glare shields and eyelids so that the light reflects where it’s supposed to. These caps above the bulbs help focus the light where you want it.

Keep the lighting optimal for each part of the outdoor space.

Lighting outside a restaurant

3. Make Sure the Lighting Blends Well

Attention to detail is essential while deciding the outdoor lighting of your commercial space.

Firstly, the existing lighting of your commercial property and the outdoor lighting that you’re planning to install should blend seamlessly. There shouldn’t be a contrast between the two. You don’t want the existing lighting to overpower the outdoor lighting.

Also, make sure you design the placement in a way that the light makes it easier for the onlooker to see from one spot to the next swiftly. You don’t want dark spaces between two areas.

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