6 Most Common Electrical Issues In Old Homes

As your beloved home grows old, its electrical components also start to deteriorate and become a safety issue. Damaged or dated appliances and equipment increase your utility bills and jeopardize your safety.

In this blog, we’ll tell you about some of the most common electrical issues you might face as your home ages.

Unkempt lights

As you continue living in your house, you’ll notice the lights flicker or even dim-out as time passes by. This could be due to shoddy wiring and connection and can lead to overheating, sparking, and even fires.

Lights burning out quite often

If you’re overusing your light bulbs and other sources of light, you’ll notice them burning out over time. But if this happens frequently, you may be looking at a more significant issue. Lack of insulation and overheating could be shutting your lights out and preventing a fire outbreak

Dead sockets

Your sockets and outlets can become useless over time due to a lack of maintenance and proper installation. Your breaker might trip and protect you from a fire resulting in a useless outlet.

Overheating and warm switches

If you notice your switches and outlets are warm after usage, you should probably avoid using them until you get them fixed by a professional. It could be due to sparking in the walls, and you don’t need to deal with it without proper safety measures.

Outdated wiring and breakers

To keep your wiring and tripping breakers running effectively, you need to ensure they’re up to date and constantly maintained. Older wiring and breakers aren’t equipped to handle today’s electrical usage and equipment. You might damage your appliances and even start a fire if you continue using these old and damaged breakers.

Too many extension cords

If you live in a relatively small house, you probably have few outlets and way too many appliances that need electricity to operate. So you do what any human would and get a bunch of extension cords to meet your socket needs.

The wires lying around on your fall are an accident waiting to happen. Anyone could trip over these wires and damage them, leading to a fire hazard or electrocution.

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