Lakeview Electric LLC, Now In Fallon

After 30 years of success in Carson City, Lakeview Electric LLC is now offering its electrician services in Fallon, NV. We are a leading electrical repairs and installation service, that cater to a wide range of electrical jobs– our electricians can solve all residential, commercial, and industrial electrical problems. Whether you’re looking for lighting installations, generator repairs or EV charger installations– we’ll get everything done within minimum timelines.

In the 30+ years that we’ve worked as electricians, we’ve gathered around us a team of expert technicians who represent the values of the organization. We are licensed by the state of Nevada to perform all kinds of electrical job, with consistent professionalism and service quality. Given our expertise and focus on your convenience, there is no one better than Lakeview Electric LLC. for you electrician needs.

Speak with us today for more information on our services, or to schedule a free inspection for your electrical jobs in Fallon, NV.

Hire Expert Electricians in Fallon, NV

Lakeview Electric LLC. is a premium electrician service in Fallon, NV. We’ve been working in the regions surrounding Fallon for the past 24 years, helping our clients by offering cost-effective solutions to their electrical problems. With vast experience in electrical equipment maintenance, installation and repairs, our technicians are widely regarded as some of the best electricians in the community. For this reason, we have been the community’s go-to electricians for as long as we’ve been in business.

Our services include:

Commercial Services

  • Motor Control Center installations
  • Transformers, switchgear and generators
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • UPS systems installations
  • HVAC system installations

Industrial Services

This includes validating and certifying electrical equipment for insurance companies, such as:

  • Motor control centers
  • Switchgears
  • Panels
  • Transformers

Residential Services

  • LED light fixture installations
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Panel replacements
  • Home generator repairs
  • GFCI repairs and installations

Call us today to see if we can help out with your electrician needs or to schedule a free inspection with our technicians for your electrical work in Fallon, NV.

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