‘4’ Warning Signs of an Overloaded Electrical Circuit

As electricity passes through a wire, it produces heat. Overloading electrical circuits produces enough heat to melt the plastic insulation on the wires; in many cases, damaged wires lead to house fires and even electrocution. According to the National Fire Protection Association, overloaded circuit induced house fires account for 14% of all fire related deaths in the United States. 

Therefore, you must recognize the warning signs of an overloaded circuit so that you can prevent losses. In this blog, we outline four warning signs of an overloaded electrical circuit.

Sign # 1: Flickering Lights

Circuits that have sockets are riskier than circuits with only switches. Therefore, if there are any disruptions in power, the lights will be the first to take the brunt. Damaged circuits also lead to flickering of lights before eventually giving up. This issue is prevalent in old U.S. homes. To fix this issue, call your residential electrician.

Sign # 2: Burning Smell

Excessive heat melts the insulation on wires and can be highly risky. There may not be a fire at this stage, but there will be a strong burning odor. Given the strong smell, it’s easy to trace its source and find the spot that needs fixing. Attend to this issue promptly and contact an emergency electrician service. Failure to do so can start a house fire.

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