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LED Lights: What’s the Big Deal?

In the United States, the highest electricity consumption comes from residential areas, followed by commercial locations. On average, an American resident consumes up to 34 times more electricity than the average Indian resident. With rising electricity prices nationwide due to rapidly depleting fossil fuels, being energy-efficient has become a way of life.

LED Lights and What They Can Do For Your Home

The use of LED lights is becoming quite common, to the point that energy experts predict that switching to LED bulbs may become a legal requirement in the US in the future. Here are some reasons why LED lights are such a big deal:


1. They use less electricity.

On average, an LED light bulb uses six times less electricity than an incandescent light bulb. Switching all the lights in your house to LED ones could reduce your electricity consumption by a lot.

2. They’re cheap.

LED lights are cheaper to purchase and maintain as well. The initial cost of buying and installation aside, they reduce your monthly and annual electrical bill significantly compared to incandescent light bulbs.

3. They’re long-lasting.

LED light bulbs have a life of up to 50,000 hours which ends up being more than 11 years if you use them 12 hours a day. This is around 50 times longer than the lifespan of a regular electric bulb.

Calculating household expenses.

4. Used in several everyday appliances and newer fixtures.

Tech companies have now recognized the feasibility of using LED lights, and they can be found in many fixtures, appliances, and smart home upgrades, which allow you to turn them on and off or adjust their brightness just by a click on your phone or by the sound of your voice.

5. LED lights are environmentally friendly.

Since they do not use any harmful components like mercury, LED lights are way more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs and also less hazardous.

How to Switch To LED Lights?

If you’re seeking a sustainable and economically efficient future and are ready to make the big switch to LED lights, then you’re at the right place. We at Lakeview Electric provide the best electrical services in Reno, Nevada.

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