Do I Need A Commercial or Industrial Electrician?

While there is a clear difference between residential and commercial electricians, did you know that there are also very crucial differences between commercial and industrial ones? Depending on the kind of site they work at and the tasks they perform, each have different skill sets and job descriptions.

Once you’re sure of the kind of electrical services you need, the next most important thing is to ensure that the service provider you choose has a history of delivering high quality work.  

Where Each Kind Works

Commercial and industrial electricians take on significantly different projects than residential electricians. However, both of these areas in electric work also differ greatly from each other.

Generally, commercial electricians work in strictly commercial spaces. This can include offices, retail stores, restaurants and similar business spaces. However, industrial electricians usually work in locations where heavy machinery is being operated or in complex manufacturing and production facilities.

This makes each different because industrial work requires a different kind of expertise in machinery and electric setup to support those machines. Commercial electricians are usually skilled at understanding the needs of a given commercial space and performing the tasks needed to supply adequate electric power where needed.

How the Work Differs

Industrial electricians can work in processing plants, factories, packaging centers and more, depending on whether heavy industrial work is occurring in that space or not.

Common tasks associated with industrial electric work can be installing and troubleshooting industrial electric equipment, performing maintenance and repairs and installing new systems from scratch.

On the other hand, commercial electricians will find themselves working alongside a contractor or owner to identify the electric needs of a commercial space and install what’s needed.

Tasks and jobs that a commercial electrician does include installing electric security alarms, maintaining and installing HVAC systems, creating an electric plan using

Why the Difference Matters

In today’s tense economic age, it’s essential for businesses to be able to function smoothly. Electric systems play a huge role in this functioning. Without experienced electrical services or electrical contractors, you may not get to have a smooth sailing experience when launching a new space or completing your remodeled commercial space.

Additionally, industrial electricians should be able to ensure that your machinery is installed perfectly and that there’s adequate, steady electric supply. A breakdown in electric supply can cause heavy losses for you — which is what you want to avoid.

That’s why, with my family history of top-notch electricians in Nevada, I bring quality work to the table. I’ve built and expanded my knowledge as a commercial electrician as well as an industrial electrician in Sparks, Reno and Dayton, NV through years of training, dedicated courses and certifications.

Contact me if you need an industrial, commercial or residential election in Reno, Dayton, Sparks, Tahoe or nearby areas!

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