Solar PV Services

When it comes to the upkeep and longevity of your photovoltaic (PV) system, maintenance plays a critical role.

Here at Lakeview Electric, serving the regions of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and surrounding areas in Nevada, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, top-tier solutions for your solar system’s maintenance needs.

Our team brings professionals with years of experience in the field, ensuring your solar system remains in top-notch condition. We firmly believe that regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment, allowing your PV system to operate at its optimal efficiency.

PV Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding system failures and prolonging your PV system’s life. An effectively maintained solar system ensures consistent electricity production, which in turn reduces energy costs. Regular maintenance tasks are essential for solar panels to keep operating at their best.

How Can Lakeview Electric Help?

  1. Solar Inspections: Our Lakeview Electric specialists conduct routine visual inspections of your solar system, including the panels, mounting equipment, and related wiring. It’s crucial to identify any physical damages or potential safety hazards early.

    Infrared solar inspections using drones are an efficient and cost-effective method for inspecting solar panels. The use of drones allows for a detailed inspection of solar panels without having to shut down the entire system. Our team of professionals uses drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to identify hotspots or defects in solar panels. These hotspots are areas where the solar panel’s temperature is higher than the surrounding areas, indicating a problem with the panel’s efficiency.

    Through infrared solar inspections using drones, we can help our clients ensure that their solar panels are functioning efficiently, which leads to increased energy generation and reduced energy costs. We provide detailed reports with the images captured by our drones to help our clients understand any potential issues and provide recommendations for maintenance or repair.

  2. Performance Checks: We offer routine performance checks to verify your system’s energy production is as expected. This process includes monitoring the system output and comparing it with the predicted performance data.

  3. Repair and Replacement: If any part of your solar system requires repair or replacement, our highly trained professionals are prepared to handle it promptly and efficiently, ensuring minimal interruptions to your energy supply.

At Lakeview Electric, we are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Our goal is to make your solar investment worthwhile by offering consistent energy savings and guaranteeing your system’s longevity. 

Contact us today in Reno, Sparks, or Carson City for your solar maintenance needs. At Lakeview Electric, your PV system’s health and efficiency are our primary concerns!

Some of Our Recent Projects

State Public Works Division
Building & Grounds Solar Maintenance
E. Musser St.

Desert Research Institute (DRI)
NNSC Solar repair & Maxey Solar repairs
Truckee Meadows Community College, (TMCC)
Solar PV Monitoring
Dandini Blvd.

Humboldt County School District
Solar PV Monitoring & Consulting
E. 4th St.
Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC)
Solar PV Monitoring & Consulting
Terminal Way 
City of Sparks, Sparks City Hall
Solar PV Monitoring & Consulting
Reno/Sparks Indian Colony
Solar Repairs & Analysis, Install new wiring,
Reservation Rd.
Carson City School District
District Solar Panel Replacement
West King St.
Western Nevada College (WNC)
Solar PV Monitoring & Consulting
Reno Christian Fellowship
Solar Field & Inverter Repairs,
Zolezzi Lane
Douglas County Schools District
Solar Field & Inverter Repairs,
Mono Ave

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