4 Reasons Your Lights Are Flickering

Whether you’re witnessing constant or occasional light flickering in your home, both need to be addressed. Regardless of the frequency, flickering lights need immediate attention to minimize risks of fires.

While certain issues related to lighting are simple and so are their solutions, others issues can put you and your family at risk. But why do lights flicker? Here are a few common reasons why lights flicker:

1. Faulty Lights

Flickering lights are often associated with a ballast failure in bulbs. This means that the ballast isn’t supplying a sufficient amount of voltage to the bulb. Thus, you can resolve these issues by replacing the faulty bulb.

2. Overheated Aluminum Electrical Wire

Old properties or houses have solid conductors that are made of aluminum wiring. These conductors tend to wear away with time.

However, the mechanical disturbances can also overheat the connections in aluminum wiring. It’s better to contact a professional before the aluminum electrical wiring starts a fire.

3. Non-Reliable Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers protect all electrical circuits within the house from overloads and short circuits. The main function is to block the circuit flow after any breakdown or fault.

However, not all circuit breakers are as  reliable as you may think. Some bad and non-reliable circuit breakers can cause light flickering. When you find any bad circuit breaker, immediately switch off the panel and call a professional electrician to avoid any hazard. 

4. Sudden Drop of Voltage

Sometimes light flickering can be due to a small fluctuation in your electricity supply, like voltage drop. A sudden voltage drop can occur due to multiple reasons like too much load on the system or an issue from the power supply company. However, the drop in voltage can reduce the amount of total power and, in some cases, total power loss.

In Conclusion

Whether the lights are flickering due to a minor issue like a bad bulb ballast or a short circuit, you must contact a professional for help.

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