Guide to Hiring a Good Industrial Electrician

Industrial installations consist of complex and expensive machinery with intricate systems that can easily be destroyed by an inexperienced electrician. Your minor electrical issue could turn into thousands of dollars wasted on repairs. Running into electrical problems isn’t ideal, and naturally, we want to avoid them at all costs. However, when you’re operating on a large scale, needing an electrician occasionally is unavoidable. When it comes to electricity, it’s always best to avoid attempting to do it yourself. Something that seems like a quick fix to you might actually be a complex issue that can only be repaired by an experienced professional. A good electrician will be able to identify and solve the problem as well as identify any potential problems that you were unaware of. 

There’s no shortage of Reno electricians out there, but many of them are unqualified and will overcharge you for a mediocre job. Choosing the incorrect electrician will result in you needing to fork out even more money to hire a new electrician to fix the previous one’s mistakes. Avoid the costly and frustrating mistake of hiring an inexperienced electrician by following the steps in this guide and ensuring that you make the best choice the first time.

Finding a Good Industrial Electrician

Before you can begin your search for the best industrial electrician in Reno, you need to know what that means. There’s a huge difference between a residential electrician and an industrial one, and knowing that difference is the first step to avoiding an expensive mistake. 

Industrial facilities require specialized knowledge and experience because they rely on expensive, high-powered, and specialized electrical equipment. Industrial facilities have higher electrical requirements than residential settings, making the training of industrial electricians in high-voltage systems essential for both safety and efficiency reasons. You need someone who can complete the job quickly and accurately the first time because industrial electrical issues and mistakes can result in expensive business interruptions.

There are a few steps that you can follow to make your search easier:

  • Seek recommendations: The best way to know if an electrician is reputable is to ask people you know. If they can recommend someone, they’ll be able to give you an honest review of their experience with that electrician. 
  • Online research: Even if you’ve gathered a few recommendations, take some time to do your own research. Look at your options and make a shortlist of industrial electricians in your area.
  • Read reviews: One of the best indicators of an electrician’s abilities is customer reviews. Focus on the recent reviews and use them to help make your decision. If a company doesn’t have any reviews, it would be safer to avoid hiring them.
  • Request quotes: Once you’ve created your shortlist, it’s time to start requesting quotes. They should give you a thorough estimate with up-front and honest pricing. Having a side-by-side comparison of prices from various companies will help you avoid being overcharged. Keep an eye out for prices that are significantly higher or lower than the company’s, as this could be a red flag.
  • Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to determine if they’re a good fit. The more you ask, the easier it will be to make a decision.
  • Trust your gut: Your instincts are stronger than you may think. If something feels off, don’t hire that electrician. At the same time, if you feel good about a person and they inspire confidence in you, then hiring them is the right thing to do.

What to Look for in an Industrial Electrician

  • Training and experience: Industrial electricians must have specialized knowledge and experience. Look for someone who has worked in industrial facilities and with high-voltage systems in particular. They should have at least some experience with motor controls, equipment controls, and programming, as well as the ability to confidently install, repair, and maintain generators, regulators, electric motors, industrial storage batteries, switchgears, transformers, electrical wiring, and switch boxes. Some industrial electricians have sub-specialties, such as automotive experience. 
  • License and insurance: Like other types of electricians, industrial electricians must have a full license and insurance. A reliable industrial electrician should be able to give you their licensing information right away if it isn’t already available on their website. Additionally, you should confirm the validity of the state licenses they offer. You should also confirm that they are knowledgeable about all the most recent code requirements.
  • State certification: State-by-state requirements differ, but the majority call for particular certifications, so be sure to do some local research. For instance, the Department of Labor & Industries‘ electrician certificate must be current in order to work as an electrician in certain states.
  • Communication: In order to prevent any disruptions to your business, you need to handle industrial electrical issues quickly and effectively. Look for an electrician who communicates clearly and responds quickly. Similarly to this, effective communication and excellent customer service go hand in hand. Although difficult to describe, you can recognize it when you feel it. Find a commercial electrician who will go above and beyond for you and make you feel important.

Questions to Ask

Asking the right questions is crucial when looking to hire an industrial electrician in Reno. You should bear the following in mind as you make your choice:

  • Can you provide documentation of your insurance and licenses?
  • What time frame should the project be finished?
  • Can you give me a detailed estimate?
  • Are there any references you could provide?
  • Do you provide guarantees for repairs?

Your working relationship will be stronger and run more smoothly if you get the answers to these and other questions prior to signing a contract.

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