Why Should You Have An Electrical Inspection On Your Home?

Electricity is one of those things running in the background that we don’t really think about until something happens, such as a breakdown, a circuit that keeps tripping, or, worst-case scenario, a full-blown electrical catastrophe.

It goes without saying that you will need to make use of residential electrical services to keep the lights on and the equipment running when things go wrong. You must manage your power use, keep your electrical equipment in good working order, and follow all standard electrical codes and regulations. So to prevent the worst from happening, an inspection should be conducted at least once a year. This way, you’ll know if the problem isn’t too serious, or if it isn’t fixed right away, you’ll be having a rather difficult talk with your insurance company. 

Hire A Qualified Electrical Inspector 

Firstly, and we can’t stress this enough, only an experienced and qualified commercial electrician should handle your business’s electrical problems; this is most definitely NOT a do-it-yourself situation. They will simplify the process, develop cost-effective solutions, identify potential dangers, follow electrical codes and standards, and propose alternative solutions if needed. 

Like the professionals at Lakeview Electric, commercial electrical services, l have the expertise and knowledge necessary to safely address all kinds of electrical fixtures and ensure that the issue is handled without any loose ends.

Consistent electrical supply is one of the biggest non-negotiables in the commercial and industrial sectors. This is where having a licensed, commercial electrician coming in to do a full inspection comes into play.

They have the knowledge and abilities needed to install, maintain, diagnose, and repair electrical equipment and control systems. This means that while they are conducting your inspection, they can identify the small problems before they become big, costly, legal problems. 

Even minor setbacks or changes in output may have a massive effect on your profits. To facilitate power flow and keep your equipment functioning, you must maintain high-quality electrical systems and components. That makes good business sense, right? 

Your Inspection Has To Be Done 

Much like people, no two buildings are wired the same way. Your inspector will evaluate whether or not your property is code compliant and safe for occupation. Your building has to comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) and based on the inspector’s findings; you will have to make changes, which, even though it may be costly, will most likely be a lot cheaper than a lawsuit.

The inspector will examine your work’s electrical panels and wiring and the quality of any additional installation and repair work you’ve done. For example, bonding and grounding are two critical parts of electrical installation and safety, and the inspector will prioritize them. Improperly grounded or bonded equipment can cause substantial bodily injury to people and property and even deaths.

Another benefit of getting an inspection is if you own a commercial generator. Your electrical inspector will be able to detect if yours can’t carry the required electric load in a power emergency. 

How Having An Inspection Done Will Benefit Your Business 

Save Money on Big Repair Jobs 

Wires can become frayed and exposed from regular wear and tear. Your electronics might also fail if your electrical system isn’t working right. Regular electrical inspections can help you identify problems before they cost you more money when they cause major issues. 

Any damage or fraying in your wires can cause damage to anything hooked up to them. This can include computers, various appliances, and power outlets. A regular electrical inspection can keep your electronics from being damaged by lousy wiring.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly 

Regularly inspecting your business’s electrical system will help it run at top performance by keeping faults at bay. This will make your electronics perform better, but you’ll also save on bills from your worn-down electronics using more energy to achieve the same results. In addition, avoiding electrical faults will also increase the lifespan of your electronics.

Does Your Building Still Use Fuses? 

If your electrical panel is old enough, it may still use fuses, whereas modern boards use circuit breakers. If your property still has a fuse box, it is time to upgrade to a more contemporary panel.

Although fuses are not necessarily unsafe, they were developed when electricity consumption was considerably less and cannot withstand the amount of electricity drawn by most companies. They frequently blow because they weren’t meant to manage this type of power, posing a fire threat if you’re not careful. This brings us to our next point. 

Fire Safety

Electrical fires inflict far more devastation to businesses than property loss. Rebuilding will force you to lock your doors for weeks, if not longer. Clients will have moved on, your staff will find other jobs, and you may have to restart from scratch. 

Electricity is present in all of our everyday lives in some way or another, and as a result, we tend to take it for granted, forgetting how destructive it can be. Due to defective or old wiring, fire hazards are among the most serious risks posed by electrical issues.

Electrical fires are dangerous because they can ignite and smoke behind walls and go unnoticed until too late.  When the fire is discovered, and the firefighters arrive, your staff or customers may have already been injured. Even if the fire does not burn them, breathing in the smoke can be fatal.

Shock Hazards

This one shouldn’t have to be stated, but it is so important that we felt we should say it anyway. Defective electrical systems, without a doubt, can put your business in danger of fire, but sometimes people overlook the fact that they can also create shock hazards because, well, electricity…

Whether caused by bad outlets, wiring, or electrical overloading, these shock hazards are all serious, and you must take precautions to prevent and repair them. With a regular electrical safety check, you may boost your odds of detecting these problems before they cause harm.

Adherence To The NEC

Keeping the system running isn’t the only thing you need to be worried about when it comes to your company’s electrical system. It is critical to ensure your system complies with all applicable electrical codes. Codes are updated every three years or thereabouts. Keeping up with these will guarantee your property’s electrical system uses the most up-to-date ways of delivering safe operation.

If your electrical system isn’t up to code, you may incur financial penalties, which will be the least of your worries if a fire happens. If people are injured, they may file lawsuits to hold you liable for their medical expenses.

A yearly electrical safety inspection is an excellent way to ensure that your system keeps up with these changes as they occur, rather than realizing after a few years that many parts of your system are out of date and take a lot of work to bring them back into compliance.

What is Included in An Electrical Inspection?

An inspection must be performed by someone with an electrical license and experience. Our electricians are well-versed in the high-voltage systems used in commercial buildings, multiple panels, and power distribution systems for large buildings. They are aware of the measures to be followed while working with electricity safely in commercial buildings and facilities.

A certified electrician will evaluate all of your facility’s electrical components. They will determine whether there are any malfunctioning circuit breakers, loose wires, or burn marks on the panel, look for hot spots where a circuit may be overloaded, and identify any potential electrical issues. The inspection includes checking and tightening any screws on lugs and breakers and finding any damage to the electrical system. 

Following the assessment, you will be given a list of what sections are at risk, what has to be repaired right away, and what isn’t a problem.

In Summary

As the old saying goes: prevention is better than a cure. A preventative maintenance program will aid in the prevention of catastrophic electrical equipment failures, fire dangers, and electrical shock caused by malfunctioning equipment. The typical commercial electrical emergency can cost thousands of dollars in repair and labor, not to mention the impact on your daily business.

Once a year, get your electrical system tested to verify that your wiring is updated and code compliant. Any flaws will be discovered and corrected before they represent a significant risk to you or your property. A yearly electrical inspection is both cost-effective and time-efficient to protect your home.

Lakeview Electric LLC is a dependable electrical services provider you can rely on any time you need us! Contact us today for more information!

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