Repair or Rewire: The conundrum debate on old homes.

Old homes have a great appeal to renovation experts as flipping homes has become a modern trend. An important safety issue that needs to be addressed before any major changes can be made, is to repair or rewire. Each avenue has pros and cons that must be considered with the advice of a certified electrician. Exploring both options thoroughly before making your decision is important to both your budget and project success. 

Increased demand for supply – Can the home handle the load?

As technology continues to bring forth new innovations, the demand for power supply is also on the rise. New appliances, new gadgets and new work from home opportunities all play a role in determining what your needs are. If you are renovating a house that is 25 years or older, having a look at the wiring is an absolute necessity. If you predict your demand will be high, the consideration must be given to rewiring the home to ensure that the structure can keep up with the demand and not cause damage to either the appliances or structural damage due to fires. Home fires caused by wiring issues account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year and billions in damage. This is often due to old wiring not being able to carry the load as demand increases and no adjustment to the wiring is being made. 

Due consideration must be given to how the property will expand in the coming years so that provisions can be made in the early stages to accommodate the extra load. Being proactive might save you a busload of money, as well as secure your personal safety. 

Those old cables need changing

Just like galvanized pipes used to be the thing in the early plumbing days, electrical wires were also coated in rubber, material, and lead in the 50s and 60s. This is especially important to address as these coatings can break down and create short circuits, increasing the probability of starting a fire or electrical charge, thus putting lives at risk. Due consideration must be given to rewiring a PVC-coated wiring system. 

Rewiring can get messy

Making the choice to rewire must also be considered with the cost involved, not only for the rewiring but the structural changes as well. Rewiring can cause quite a bit of damage that will need to be repaired, covered up and restored. Proper budgeting must be in place as well as managed expectations. Speak to your electrician and builder so that you are prepared for the process that will be involved. It can halt further progress in your build and can be frustrating if not planned for. Ensure proper planning is also put into the layout of each room. Not accounting for a need early enough might mean more money and construction to confluence your renovation at a later stage. 

When repairing might be an option

Repairing certain elements or parts of an electrical system can be considered if no surge in electrical supply can be foreseen. A proper inspection still needs to take place to ensure there is no danger or foreseeable issues that need immediate addressing. Oftentimes renovation projects are hesitant to rewire not only for budgetary reasons but to keep the integrity of the aesthetics in place. Light switches, light fixtures, and lamps might be huge contributing factors to the charm of a project. Regular maintenance is key to ensure that no unforeseen accidents claim lives or damage property. 

Lakeview Electrical knows that whatever route you choose to go – repair or rewire – is an important step for your project to come to light. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to assist you in crafting the best possible solution for your budget, current needs as well as future expansions. Visit our website to get a free quote to build your team of experts today. The leading electrical company in Carson City, Nevada. 

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