How To Teach Your Family About Electrical Safety

Electricity is undoubtedly an invaluable tool; however, it is also a hazardous form of energy that we should all treat with an element of caution, making electrical safety-critical information. And like all important information in our lives, we want to share it with our family. We at Lakeview Electric have some tips to help you do so.

Understand Electrical Safety Yourself

As we grow up in this digital age where energy is everywhere, we all have at least a basic understanding of electricity dos-and-don’ts. For example, most of us know to keep electrical appliances and outlets away from water. We likely all understand that we shouldn’t place fingers or metal objects in plug sockets. When it comes to electrical appliance or house wiring mishaps, it’s probably best to call a professional for help.

That being said, to efficiently relay factual information on electrical safety to anyone, including family, we need first to understand the topic fully ourselves. In addition to the tips mentioned above, it’s advisable not to plug too many appliances into one socket or extension cord. Ensure that you’re using the correct wattage in your home fixtures and appliances. Replace or repair damaged and exposed wires in your home. Power off and unplug unused appliances and make sure your devices have enough circulation space to avoid overheating. 

We care about your safety, so we’ve gathered some resources with electrical safety tips for you further to familiarize yourself with electrical safety in the home. 

Create Electrical Safety Rules

Most families have house rules or moral guidelines, like curfews and chore schedules, that they like everyone to follow. A simple yet effective way to teach your family about electrical safety is by creating electrical safety rules for everyone to follow. These rules can be created based on the electrical safety tips mentioned above. For example: don’t stick your fingers in plug sockets and if it’s unused, unplug it.

When creating rules you’d like your family to follow, something to remember is to lead by example. If you tell your child not to touch electrical appliances when their hands are wet and then proceed to blowdry your hair before drying your hands, you might send them mixed signals on the importance of your electrical safety rules. 

Make Electrical Safety Fun To Learn About

Let’s be honest—as children, we don’t exactly want to sit down in front of our parents and hear a lecture on electrical safety. Luckily the internet has plenty of online resources and games to make learning fun. Watch youtube videos together and take a tour of your house, pointing out all your plug sockets and electrical appliances. Learning about something online or speaking is good, but putting it into practice and making it interactive by physically pointing out electrical dangers will make it more memorable for your child.

Make Sure Your Home Is An Example Of Safe Electricity Use

Ensure that your home does not have any loose, damaged, or exposed wires. Try always to follow your electrical safety rules and consistently check electrical appliances and outlets for possible hazards. If you notice any problems, hire a professional to come in and review, as well as fix, if necessary, your home’s electrical wiring system and appliances. 

At Lakeview Electric, we are intimately familiar with electricity and electrical safety. We want your home and family to be safe, and we hope this article has helped you understand how to better teach your family about electrical safety. If you’re concerned about your home’s wiring system or have any electrical mishaps in need of fixing, contact us today.

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