Why You Need Commercial Electricians for Your Specialized Tools

We get it…times are tough, and it might be tempting to DIY a fix when your equipment breaks down. I mean, you do lots of electrical fixes at home, so why not attempt a repair in your commercial space?

You’re not alone in this dilemma. The rising cost of equipment downtime is eating into profits for 80% of companies. In fact, a recent study conducted by Aberdeen sets the average cost PER HOUR of unplanned equipment downtime at $260,000.

However, there is a reason that commercial electricians exist–and it’s not to take your money. Licensed commercial electricians have a crucial role to play in maintaining and repairing specialized commercial equipment; calling one to work on your specialized tools is the smartest, most financially-savvy thing you can do.

Here’s why.

Insurance Concerns

Professional commercial electricians are licensed, completely insured, and their work is always guaranteed. That means that if anything goes wrong, from your equipment being damaged to any injuries from manipulating dangerous wires and currents, you don’t have to worry about it. If an electrician messes up the repair or installation, they can come back and fix it or cover the costs. Any damage or fire resulting from the electrical work (and yes, that happens!) is taken care of, so you can breathe easily. That kind of peace of mind is worth the cost of hiring a professional.


Speaking of damage and injury, playing around with electricity is a dangerous game. Commercial electricians are specially trained to know how electricity works and acts. They have extensive knowledge of building codes, as well as the correct processes and procedures required for the work to be covered by insurance. Educated maneuvers will reduce the chance of damage and electrical fires as well as reduce the likelihood of injury and death.

Time and Money Savings

While a business owner or homeowner may be able to cobble together a fix, a licensed commercial electrician has the know-how and experience to quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues that crop up. They are also equipped with the tools that are needed to service your specialized equipment efficiently and quickly. Additionally, a repair made by a professional will be more durable and of higher quality, reducing the chances that any problems will reoccur in the near future. All this translates to savings in time, money, and headaches.

Experience and Advice

While a working knowledge of electrical systems is useful, the experience gained on the job is unmatched by an amateur. Commercial electricians spend years honing their craft, developing better instincts for tracking down the issue and dealing with it. That kind of experience not only means that their work will be high-quality and that your specialized tools are in the best hands; it also means that they can share their wealth of knowledge with you. They can share valuable tips to maintain your equipment and best practices that will keep your specialized tools in good working order for years to come. 

Maintaining and repairing specialized commercial equipment requires expertise and experience. By attempting to do the electrical work yourself, you risk making the problem worse by risking injury and damage, not to mention the time wasted attempting a fix that isn’t likely to work or to last. When your specialized tools start acting up, call a commercial electrician to take a look and do the necessary repairs. You’ll be glad to have high-quality, safe, insured work done–and your wallet will thank you, too.

If you are searching for commercial electrical services to repair or maintain your specialized tools, call Lakeview Electric–our commercial electricians can offer exactly that! Hire our experienced electricians and get a free estimate before you get started. We usually start work within a week of the provided estimate. Call us today to find out how we can work together to get your equipment back up and running!

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