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Electrical Safety 101: How to Keep Your Homes Risk Free

Neglecting electrical safety can be extremely dangerous. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 31,000 domestic fires occur each year, with 180 cases that are caused due to electrocution and other electrical incidents. Most of these incidents are easily avoidable, only if we know the precautions to take.

There are some common safety tips to follow, like unplugging electrical equipment and hiring an electrician for electrical work instead of doing things yourself. However, to fully protect your home from electrical risks, here are a few things you can keep in mind

Let’s begin.

Repair Damaged Electrical Wires

If you’ve got a few cords that are damaged or have come loose, your house may be at great risk for residential fires or a major electrocution incident. Instead of frantically going about checking electric boards, it’s better to have an expert come in and check your electrical wiring every few months.

If you find a damaged cord, it’s time you call a residential electrician and get the job done.

Make Sure All Your Cords Are Safe

Whether you’re using electrical cords or not, you need to make sure they are stored safely—away from the grasp of children and pets, which might damage them. It’s always smart to ensure your cords are untangled and stored neatly. Many people find themselves wrapping their cords around objects around the house; try not to do that, so the cords don’t fray, overheat, or get stretched; that may damage the cord’s insulation and wires.

Avoid Overloading Your Electrical Outlets

An overloaded electrical outlet

An electrical outlet used for multiple extensions and plugins is a common mistake all households make. Instead of overloading an electrical outlet with heavy performing appliances, it’s better to use separate outlets for each of these appliances. If you often find extensions around your house, it’s a sign that your electrical outlet needs aren’t being met. Get in contact with an electrical contractor and install a few outlets.

Don’t Keep Your Unused Appliances Running

Most of us don’t think twice before leaving our electrical appliances on standby. It wastes a lot of power, but on top of that, it also poses a huge safety risk to your home and loved ones. Let’s become responsible for our electrical use, and unplug any items that are not being used.

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