Pros and Cons of Backup Generators

Power outages at a plant or office building can be a worrisome thought for every business owner, especially when that outage affects production or business operations. For this reason, several business owners find industrial backup generators essential. Yet, many business owners opt against investing in one. They argue that infrequent power outages don’t warrant such a hefty investment.

Following are the pros and cons of getting a backup industrial generator to help you make an informed decision.


  • Unfortunately, the frequency of natural disasters has increased, and as witnessed, floods, hurricanes, severe storms, and tornadoes can cause catastrophic damage to properties. While such events can’t be controlled, various business owners find investing in backup generators more fruitful than being left out high and dry in the hour of need.
  • Power outages for long hours can be detrimental for a business. However, a backup generator provides a competitive advantage to businesses during lengthy power outages.
  • Backup generators can also increase your production and, ultimately, revenue by helping production continue during power outages.


Catastrophic events are not predetermined. Businessowners may never find themselves in need to rely on backup generators to keep production going. However, it’s prudent for organizations

to be prepared for such circumstances.

Now, purchasing an industrial backup generator is undoubtedly a hefty investment, which is why it should be made after careful consideration and deliberation. The factors that need to be considered include the size of the business, the probability of natural disasters, the likelihood of power outages, and how equipment/machinery downtime can affect operations.

Industrial backup generators may not require fueling all the time, but when they do, you might be required to use an expensive alternative power source.

The fueling options for industrial backup generators, which are natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel, are all expensive options.

Industrial backup generators emit hazardous gases as byproducts. These gasses can greatly affect the surrounding environment.

These pros and cons help you make an informed decision. However, whether you own a small retail shop or are the head of a large business, the need for alternate power sources during power outages can’t be overstated. A standby generator comes as a handy machine that provides you with electric power when you need it the most. If you’re seeking backup generator maintenance and electrical services in Lake Tahoe, California or Reno, Nevada, Lakeview Electric LLC has certified and professionally trained electricians who can offer expert solutions for all your electrical needs. To hire a commercial electrician in Reno from our experienced team of professionals, contact us today.

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