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5 Causes of UPS failure

According to a 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute, UPS system failure is the number one cause of unplanned data center outages. Furthermore, it was reported that UPS system failure was the reason behind one-quarter of all such outages. The costs of these data center outages were approximately 740,357 dollars in 2013.  

There is truly no shortage of failures and disasters when it comes to UPS systems. But regular preventative maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of UPS failures.

This blog lists the common causes behind UPS failure.


In 2020, the global UPS battery market was worth 700 million US dollars. By 2028, it’s estimated to amount to $1 billion US dollars.

It’s the most important component of the UPS. These batteries are electro-chemical devices. Their ability to store power diminishes over time, despite the maintenance and storage use of these batteries. Their general service life is around 3-5 years. But many environmental, user-related, and chemical factors can affect its life span.   

Temperature variance or incorrect temperature is a major cause of UPS battery failure. Overcharging and poor storage conditions also affect its battery.

UPS batteries require routine inspections and should comply with IEEE guidelines.


A UPS contains dozens of capacitors of different sizes, which filter and smooth out voltage functions. They range in type and need to be replaced every 5-7 years as they degrade with time.

Capacitor failure can trigger the UPS to switch to bypass mode. It may end up lessening the UPS’ life. However, preventative maintenance can prevent untimely UPS failures.

Fans and Filters

Fans have a life of around 3-5 years and can deteriorate over time like batteries and capacitors. Fans cool the UPS by moving a great amount of air through it. That’s why a faulty fan can heat up the temperature. This can switch off the inverter, rectifier, or charger.

Dust and grease buildup inside the sealed bearings lead to fan issues because they force fans to work harder. Dust and other buildups in filters also cause overheating.

Power Supplies

Input voltage can impact power supplies, causing it to overheat.  

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Contractors are also exposed to dust and can create problems. They should be regularly inspected and cleaned.  

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