When Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

The electrical service panel, also known as your electrical system’s heart, forms an essential connection between the external and internal wires. This is where service wires connect with the exit wires and then branch out throughout the house.

Let’s talk about when an electrical panel replacement is in order:

The Circuit Breaker Is Tripping

If you haven’t replaced the service panel in years, it’ll experience wear and tear and become extra susceptible to power surges. Consequently, the circuit disconnects frequently. Other than that, the circuit breaker could also trip if the panel can’t support your home’s electrical needs. You should replace your electrical panel if you feel like you need to reset the breakers more often than you did previously. Your local electrical contractor will conduct a home electrical safety check and determine whether the panel needs to be repaired or replaced altogether.

The Panel Is Hot To Touch or Is Making Strange Noises

You should be alarmed if your electrical panel has become extremely hot to touch. Overheating causes the circuit breaker to trip to prevent a potential electrical fire. If the breaker isn’t tripping despite warming up, the panel isn’t doing its job well.

Other than that, the electrical panel is usually silent. The only time you’ll hear it make a small clicking sound is when the circuit breaker pops. If you hear hissing or buzzing sounds coming out of the panel, consider immediate replacement. These strange noises usually indicate that there’s something wrong with either the wiring or the electrical connection. In this case, the electrical contractor will replace the panel and the wiring.

You should also consider replacing the electric panel if you see any signs of rust or water damage.

Flickering Lights

Your lights should not go off every time you turn you plug in your microwave or vacuum. If this happens, you can be sure that your electrical panel can’t withstand the power draw, and the energy needs exceed what’s available. Your lights are more likely to dim if you’re operating high-voltage appliances with an outdated electrical panel. In this case, you need to update your electrical panel to keep your devices safe. The electrical contractor will also increase the number of circuit breakers and outlets to meet your high energy needs.

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