Here’s Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting for Your Home

Energy bills probably constitute a significant chunk of your utility expenses. Utility bills particularly tend to skyrocket in summers when the HVAC systems also start running a lot more frequently. For those living in Reno, LED lights are just the affordable solution that you’re looking for.  

Uses less energy

LED lights are the perfect solution to your high bill woes since they use almost 90% less energy compared to incandescent lights.

Let’s say you have a 50 W bulb; you can easily replace it with a 5 W LED bulb for practically the same output. In the case of a traditional incandescent bulb, the electricity passes through the filament and produces a large amount of heat before emitting the light. On the other hand, when the same electric current passes through an LED bulb, it instantly gives off the light without wasting any heat energy.

They last longer

Replacing LED bulbs every now and then is a pain. If your bulb keeps on breaking down every now and then, you’ll probably get stuck paying an electrical contractor over and over again—further adding to your costs. Besides, you don’t want the lights to go off right when you have some guests over.

To make things easier for you, LED bulbs last nearly 20 times longer. There will be no need to pull out your ladder every few days. The bulbs will probably last until you decide to move out. On the contrary, traditional filament bulbs blow up often because they tend to burn off some amount of tungsten as it heats up. As a result, the filament continues to get thinner and eventually pops.

Endless color choices

Traditional incandescent bulbs give off the light that most of us grew up seeing. This is probably why it’s familiar and we like it. However, with LEDs, your options are endless. If you want something that’s energy efficient but imitates the lovely warm feeling of incandescent bulbs, you can always opt for a light color. Your electrical contractor will probably present a host of color options on the temperature chart for you to choose from.

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