Light Your New House the Right Way

Good lights bring out the best in your new house. If your house has the most luxurious interior décor or  tastefully designed furniture, it won’t look the part if the lighting isn’t done right. It’s not just about bright, dim or accent lighting, here are a few important tips to help you light up your home the right way:

1. The Right Lights Conveys First Good Impression

Instead of installing standard lights, try smaller ambient lights. They are also ideal if you’re looking to add a warm, personal touch to a room. Whether you choose to brighten your home up or are looking to add dull accents of light to your room, ambient lights are sure to leave the a lasting impression on your guests.

2. Consider Fixtures for Lights According to Room Size

Not all rooms can accommodate large chandeliers; some may require small fixtures. While installing light fixtures, remember the purpose of that particular room.

For example, if you have a large room like a drawing-room, you can consider a large fixture to compliment the room. As for a small room like a bedroom, you can buy a smaller fixture that looks attractive.

3. Lightening Stairways & Halls for Safety

If you’re looking to avoid dark spots in hallways and stairways, add ambient lights.  

Poorly lit staircases or hallways often pose safety risks. Install lights along the railings on the staircase or the ceiling to brighten them up while minimizing the risks of slip and fall accidents. If you have the budget for it, investing in directional level lighting in stairways and hallways can add a great touch to your interior décor.

4. Make Sure Right Light is Useful

While buying lights, have a close look at every room and see which type of light each room requires. For instance, in the kitchen, bright lighting would be helpful for cooking purposes. Therefore, recess and bright downlights inside the cabinets are also useful.

Moreover, you can use a dimmer in bedrooms instead of installing a different type of lights. Because a dimmer can provide you smooth, warm, and soft light effectively. You can change the room’s atmosphere easily and quickly. 

5. Keep It Balanced-Don’t Overdo

The most important part with lighting is that it only looks impressive when it’s subtle. Multiple bright lights can eventually start hurting your eyes.

Hire Light Expert for Your New House

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