3 Common Workplace Electricity Hazards

A part of OSHA’s fatal four, electrocution is among the major causes of death around workplaces in the United States. As integral as electricity is, it’s equally important that people remain astute when operating on the premises of electrical devices. All workers should be trained regarding the various risks in their area, and businesses should focus on either eliminating or mitigating these problems. Here are some of the most common electrical hazards in the average workplace.

Overloaded Wires or Circuits

Unlike a typical residential property, offices and commercial buildings run a lot more power throughout the day. Quite often, these buildings have very old, vintage wires and circuits laid out that haven’t been changed in ages. At the very least, these will start to trip the circuits, causing the lights to go out.

But things can get dangerous as the wires may start to burn out and cause a fire. Even if the wires and circuits are new, you should make sure that they are not running more load than they are designed for.

Exposed Electrical Components

Exposed electrical components are a recipe for disaster. They can cost great damage and even the loss of lives if one is not careful around them. It can range from a few exposed wires hanging out due to wear and tear to lighting systems and power chords.

These should be secured away and ideally grounded in a manner that they don’t cause damage. Any flammable item should be kept as far away from these components.

Presence of Water

Water is an excellent conductor, which isn’t excellent for electricians or anyone in general. Water can damage electrical items; therefore, any form of moisture should be cleared out before the application is operated. It can also electrocute the personnel operating in the area, so make sure that the situation is dealt with thoroughly and immediately.

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