Pay Less with Efficient LED Lights

According to the statistics by the US Energy Information Administration, an American household gets an average electricity bill of $117.65. These prices are expected to increase by 2.8% in the coming year and will continue to do so. Therefore, it’s upon us to save as much as possible to maintain our standard of living. Here’s how you can save big using LED lights. 

Cost of LED light Bulbs

An LED bulb costs around $8, while an average incandescent bulb is for a dollar. While the upfront cost of an LED bulb is more, its rated life is approximately 20,000 hours. It’s twenty times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb! Therefore, for 20,000 hours of light, you’ll pay $8 for LED and $20 for an incandescent bulb — saving $12 per bulb.

Energy Cost

The best feature of LED bulbs is their energy efficiency. An average LED bulb uses only 10 watts of power and provides the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb that uses 60 watts. It saves you big on the energy bill. 

On average, US citizens pay $0.12 per kWh for energy. An LED bulb would cost you $24 for its lifetime, while an incandescent bulb will cost you $144 for the same time. 

LEDs Have Directional Emissions

LEDs emit light that’s in a 180-degree direction in front. It means that they don’t waste light —conversely saving energy and money. For example, a regular filament or incandescent bulb will not only light up your room but the ceiling as well. The light toward the ceiling is wasted, and LEDs can use that light in the direction where light is needed. 

Dim the LEDs

LEDs can work at variable power inputs. It means that they’re able to operate between 0% and 100% of their required power. While you need specific switches to dim your LED lights, you can have control over their brightness. 

It saves you money in the long run and ensures a longer lifespan of the bulbs as they work efficiently. 

Get LEDs in Your Home in Nevada

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