A Guide to Choosing the Right Industrial Electrician

Technology is continuously evolving. When you’re searching for an electrician for your business, it’s essential to hire someone trustworthy and abreast of the ever-changing technological landscape. If your electrician is ahead of the curve, they will help your business become efficient and offer you cost-effective ways of energy usage. In this blog, we provide you with five points to note before choosing the right electrician.

Suggestions and Referral

The most efficient way to get an industrial electrician is to ask other business owners – perhaps your acquaintances – for recommendations. It will guide you in choosing what’s best for you based on satisfactory reviews. We advise you to shortlist three of them and have them consult you on your requirements for you to be able to make an informed choice.

Check License and Insuring 

Handling an electrical project is a huge task. You wouldn’t want to entrust such a project to an unlicensed company. During the first consultation, ensure that you request the electrician to show you their license. A license will ensure that the authorities recognize the contractor. Similarly, make sure that your electrician is insured. There’s a lot of risk involved in electrical work. With an insurance cover, you wouldn’t have to worry as you’ll know that you are protected from any liability that may occur during the project.

New Certifications

Certifications are proof that your electrician is abreast of modern developments in the field. There are certifications for performing these tasks safely. For instance, the team at electrical company like Lakeview Electric, have undergone OSHA -30 certification. It means that all the electricians have thirty hours of training on common hazards while handling electrical equipment, proper wiring methods, and protective equipment. Don’t forget to ask your contractor about OSHA-30 certification. It will ensure that the company runs on the highest of standards.

They Recommend Arc Flash Protection

Arc flash protection measures help you and your electrical contractor analyze the level of risk in your building. It will ensure that your electrical system complies with local and international standards. It also promises the safety of your workers and protects your expensive equipment by pointing out any maintenance needs. 

Electricians have Lift Training 

Often electrical wires are out of safe reach, and even if an electrician uses a ladder, they won’t be able to reach it. Therefore, in these instances, they use lifts. Lift equipment requires specialized training. While searching for the right electrician, ensure that they have suitable lift training to to minimize risks of injuries and damage to your electrical infrastructure. 

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